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When In Doubt, Drink Tea

We've grown up in a world ruled by consumerism. Everywhere we are bombarded with ads telling us what we need and what we should get. We jump unto one bandwagoon after another because it makes us feel cool and hip. But it's tiring keeping up with the latest trend. Don't you just sometimes want to slow down or stop all together and rest for a quiet minute when all you do is not think about the next best gadget to spend money on or the next hip place to go and blow your salary?

You can, you should take some time off and just breathe. And you don't even have to spend money on a holiday trip for that. Just do some scavenging in your kitchen and you'd be amazed at how close most of the things you've been loooking for in the outside world are actually right under your nose. (because deep down arent we all just looking for peace of mind and happiness?)

Stay home one evening, brew some tea, add grated fresh ginger, Lemon juice and Honey, curl up in your sofa or your bed with the TV off and some soft music playing and just drink. You can choose to read  a book too. but the point is to slow things down; way down.

After every sip, breath in deeply. You can reflect on good things in your life or leave your mind blank. 

The warm tea will calm your insides, the ginger will settle your stomach and work on your immune system, the lemon will cleanse your kidneys and the honey will release feel good hormones called seratonin. 

That night, you'll sleep like a child, with not a care in the world. Leave the worries of tomorrow for tomorrow.

This tea also works wonders with menstural pains. 


Published On July 13, 2015 09:34

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